Pueblos indígenas y pobreza. Enfoques multidisciplinarios

Pueblos indígenas y pobreza. Enfoques multidisciplinarios

Alberto CIMADAMORE; Robyn EVERSOLE & John Andrew MCNEISH [Eds]. CLACSO-CROP Series, CLACSO. Buenos Aires, August 2006.


List of tables and maps | vii
Introduction: indigenous peoples and poverty 1
John-Andrew Mcneish and Robyn Eversole

I. Indigenous poverty 27
Overview – patterns of indigenous disadvantage worldwide 29
Robyn Eversole

The conditions of life and health for indigenous women in areas of high marginalization, Chiapas, Mexico 38
Héctor Javier Sánchez-Pérez, Guadalupe Vargas Morales and Josep María Jansá

Scarred landscapes and tattooed faces: poverty, identity and land conflict in a Taiwanese indigenous community 53
Scott Simon

Nutritional vulnerability in indigenous children of the Americas – a human rights issue 69
Siri Damman

II. Indigenous peoples in nation-states: rights, citizenship and self-determination 95

Overview – the right to self-determination 97
John-Andrew Mcneish and Robyn Eversole

Poverty and international aid among Russia’s indigenous peoples 108
Indra Overland

Indigenous peoples of South-East Asia: poverty, identity and resistance 126
Don McCaskill and Jeff Rutherford

Tackling indigenous disadvantage in the twenty-first century: ‘social inclusion’ and Ma ¯ori in New Zealand 158
Louise Humpage

Political participation and poverty in Colombian indigenous communities: the case of the Zenú and Mokaná peoples 185
A. Carolina Borda Niño and Dario J. Mejía Montalvo

Indigenous peoples, poverty and self-determination in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States 199
Stephen Cornell

III. Indigenous peoples’ perspectives on development 227

Overview: indigenous peoples’ perspectives on poverty and development 229
John-Andrew Mcneish

Ecological wealth versus social poverty: contradictions of and perspectives on indigenous development in Central America and Mexico 239
Pablo Alarcón-Cháires

Indigenous anti-poverty strategies in an Australian town 260
Robyn Eversolee, Leon Ridgeway and David Mercer

Sami responses to poverty in the Nordic countries 274
Christian Jakob Burmeister Hicks and Ande Somby

Conclusions: poverty, peoples and the meaning of change 290
John-Andrew Mcneish and Robyn Eversole

About the contributors | 295

Index | 301

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