CROP Events 2013

Towards the end of the Millennium Development Goals Era: What contribution have our universities made?

1-5 December 2013 | Lilongwe, Malawi

ACADEMIC CONTRIBUTION: 4th Biennial SANORD International Conference

Discourses on Poverty, Marginalization and Vulnerability

28-29 November 2013 | Oslo, Norway

ACADEMIC PANEL: CROP will co-organise a panel at the annual NOLAN conference 2013 entitled "Latin America: Challenging Frotiers"

Human Rights and Economic Justice: Essential Elements of the Post-MDG Agenda

18-20 October 2013 | University of Yale, USA

CONFERENCE co-sponsored by CROP, with participation by the CROP Scientific Director, CROP Chair, and several members of the CROP Scientific Committee.

ISSC General Assembly and WSSF

10-15 October 2013 | Montreal, Canada

ACADEMIC CONTRIBUTION: The CROP Chair and CROP Scientific Director will participate at the ISSC General Assembly and World Social Science Forum.

Poverty, Language, and Media in Latin America

25-27 September 2013 | Medellin, Colombia

CONFERENCE: Kick-off Conference co-organised by CROP, in collaboration with the Department of Foreign Language (University of Bergen) and other project partner participating in "Poverty, Language, and Media in Latin America". The event will be hosted by the Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia.

World Bank Global Poverty Measures

22 August 2013 | Mexico DF, Mexico

SEMINAR by Thomas Pogge, Chair of CROP Scientific Committee.

CROP Chair Thomas Pogge at Bergen Summer Research School

18 June 2013 | University of Bergen, Norway

LECTURE: Food as a global development challenge is the cross-cutting theme of the Bergen Summer Research School (BSRS) 2013.

CROP 20th Anniversary Activities and Events

10-11 June 2013 | CROP, UiB Global, Bergen Resource Center for International Development, Norway

ANNIVERSARY EVENT: CROP was launched in 1992. To mark the Programme's 20th birthday, many events on poverty research will be held at the CROP Secretariat.

Development and Sustainability Science - The Challenge of Transdisciplinary Knowledge for Social Change

13-15 May 2013 | University of Bergen, Norway

SEMINAR organised by the Department of Health Promotion and Development (HEMIL), UiB Global, and CROP.

Crisis and Austerity: A painful watershed for the South European welfare state

6 May 2013 (12:00-14:00) | Bergen Resource Center for International Development, Norway

LECTURE by visiting researcher and CROP Fellow Professor Maria Petmesidou: What is the status and impact of the financial crisis on the welfare states in Greece and other countries in South Europe?

Peoples in Movement

3 May 2013 | IMER, University of Bergen, Norway

LECTURE by CROP Fellow and University of Bergen SPIRE guest researcher Camilo Pérez-Bustillo.

World Social Science Fellows Seminar

25-30 March 2013 | Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar, Quito, Ecuador

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: The ISSC is looking for applications from outstanding early career social scientists around the world to become World Social Science Fellows and participate in a World Social Science Seminar on "Sustainable Urbanization: Innovative approaches to understanding urbanization in the 21st century".

Sustainable Urbanization: Innovative approaches to understanding urbanization in the 21st century (WSSF)

26-27 March 2013 | Quito, Ecuador

ACADEMIC PANELS at the World Social Science Forum, co-organised by CROP, the ISSC, IHDP and Andean University Simon Bolivar

Religion, Poverty and Politics

21-22 February 2013 | Bergen, Norway

CONFERENCE organised by CROP and Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI) to explore ways in which poverty and social injustice are addressed by different religious actors and communities.

The Structural Roots of Poverty: Theory Meets Practice

14-16 February 2013 | Yale University, USA

CONFERENCE: This conference will bring together academic, advocacy, and policy communities to address the structural roots of global poverty relating to illicit financial flows and tax policy, the post-2015 development agenda, climate change, and global health.


CROP News and Events

World Social Science Forum 2018: Security and Equality for Sustainable Futures

25-28 September 2018 | Fukuoka, Japan

ACADEMIC PANELS: CROP is co-organising two sessions during WSSF 2018.

Addressing Inclusion Among Children & Adolescents Living in Poverty: Progress Towards Achieving the SDGs

11-12 October 2018 | The New School, New York, USA

WORKSHOP co-organised by CROP, Equity for Children / The New School and SOS Children's Villages.

CIH/CISMAC Sustainability Science Seminar

24 & 31 October 2018 | University of Bergen

SEMINAR for PhD candidates within the framework of the CIH/CISMAC Research School.

News from CROPNet

Changing Course for Sustainable Development: Bold Alternatives to Business as Usual

17 September 2018 | Geneva, Switzerland

LAUNCH of the Civil Society Reflection Group Report.

World Social Science Forum 2018

25-28 September 2018 | Fukuoka, Japan

EVENT: Security and Equality for Sustainable Futures

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

17 October 2018 | London, UK

EVENT: Chronic Poverty Advisory Network panel discussion - Leaving No One Behind.