The Politics of Poverty in Contemporary Russia

January 2019

NEW BOOK by Ann-Mari Sätre (Uppsala University, Sweden).

¡7.500 millones de personas!¿Qué es y para qué sirve la demografía

May 2018

NEW BOOK by Jorge Paz (National University of Salta, Argentina)

​The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: A Commentary

March 2018

PUBLICATION: A thematic analysis of the Declaration's provisions, including the background to their inclusion, and practical enforcement.

Human Rights, Hegemony, and Utopia in Latin America: Poverty, Forced Migration and Resistance in Mexico and Colombia

June 2016

BOOK by CROP Fellow Camilo Pérez-Bustillo and Karla Hernández Mares

Should Rich Nations Help the Poor?

June 2016

BOOK by David Hulme, member of CROP's Scientific Committee.

Knowledge for a Sustainable World

SANORD, December 2015

BOOK edited by Tor Halvorsen, Hilde Ibsen & Vyvienne RP M'kumbuzi

Building Strong Foundations for Later Livelihoods by Addressing Child Poverty

Young Lives, July 2015

BOOK CHAPTER by Paul Dornan and Kirrily Pells, in "Enterprise Development and Microfinance" (26.2: 90-103)

Realising the Demographic Dividend - Policies to Achieve Inclusive Growth in India

Cambridge University Press, 2015

BOOK by CROP Fellow Santosh Mehrotra

Global Poverty - Global governance and poor people in the Post-2015 Era

Routledge, January 2015

BOOK by David Hulme, member of CROP's Scientific Committee.

Climate Change, Ethics and Human Security

Cambridge University Press, 2014

BOOK edited by Asuncion St. Clair, Karen O'Brien and Berit Kristoffersen.

Growing Up in Poverty: Findings from Young Lives

Palgrave Macmillan, 2014

BOOK edited by M. Bourdillon and J. Boyden

Marginality: Addressing the Nexus of Poverty, Exclusion and Ecology

Springer, 2014

BOOK edited by Joachim von Braun and Franz W. Gatzweiler

Trade Policies, Household Welfare and Poverty Alleviation

UNCTAD, August 2014

BOOK: Case Studies from the Virtual Institute Academic Network examine the impact of trade policy on poverty.

Urban Poverty in the Global South: Scale and Nature

Routledge, 2013

BOOK by Diana Mitlin and David Satterthwaite.

Child Poverty and Inequality: New Perspectives

UNICEF, 2012

BOOK edited by Isabel Ortiz (former CROP Scientific Committee member), Louise Moreira Daniels, and Sólrún Engilbertsdóttir

A Recovery for All: Rethinking Socio-Economic Policies for Children and Poor Households

UNICEF, 2012

BOOK edited by Isabel Ortiz (former CROP Scientific Committee member) and Matthew Cummins

Poverty and insecurity: Life in low-pay, no-pay Britain

Policy Press, December 2012

BOOK by Tracy Shildrick, Robert MacDonald, Colin Webster, and Kayleigh Garthwaite

More Than Good Intentions: Improving the Ways the World’s Poor Borrow, Save, Farm, Learn, and Stay Healthy

Penguin, March 2012

BOOK by Yale professor Dean Karlan and social critic Jacob Appel

Global child poverty and well-being: Measurement, concepts, policy and action

Policy Press, February 2012

BOOK edited by Alberto Minujin (CROP Scientific Committee Member) and Shailen Nandy

Eradicating Extreme Poverty: Democracy, Globalization, and Human Rights

PlutoPress, January 2012

BOOK edited by Xavier Godinot

Poverty Mosaics: Realities and Prospects in Small-Scale Fisheries

Springer, August 2011

BOOK edited by Svein Jentoft and Arne Eide

Family futures: Childhood and poverty in urban neighbourhoods

Policy Press, July 2011

BOOK by Anne Power, Helen Willmot and Rosemary Davidson

One Illness Away: Why People Become Poor and How they Escape Poverty

Oxford University Press, June 2011

BOOK by Anirudh Krishna

Fighting poverty, inequality and injustice: A manifesto inspired by Peter Townsend

Policy Press, June 2011

BOOK by Alan Walker, Adrian Sinfield and Carol Walker

Disability and poverty: A global challenge

Policy Press, May 2011

BOOK by Arne H. Eide and Benedicte Ingstad

Child poverty, evidence and policy - Mainstreaming children in international development

Policy Press, February 2011

BOOK by Nicola A. Jones and Andy Sumner

How Social Security Works

Policy Press, January 2011

BOOK by Paul Spicker

The Business of Human Rights - An Evolving Agenda for Corporate Responsibility

Zed Books, January 2011

BOOK edited by Aurora Voiculescu and Helen Yanacopulos

The Atlas of World Hunger

University of Chicago Press, 2010

BOOK by Thomas J. Bassett and Alex Winter-Nelson

What works for the poorest? Poverty reduction programmes for the world's extreme poor

Practical Action Publishing, 2010

BOOK by David Lawson, David Hulme, Imran Martin and Karen Moore

Why does poverty persist in a world of plenty? A critical analysis.

Scandinavian University Press, May 2010

BOOK by Dan Banik

Politics as Usual: What Lies Behind the Pro-Poor Rhetoric

Polity Press, 2010

BOOK by Thomas Pogge

The Legal Tender of Gender: Law, Welfare, and the Regulation of Women's Poverty

Hart Publishing (Oñati International Series in Law & Society, Vol. 36), 2010

BOOK edited by Shelley A.M. Gavigan and Dorothy E. Chunn

Beyond the Primary Commodity Trap - Essays on Politics and Poverty in Africa

Adonis & Abbey, August 2009

BOOK by Uchendu Egbezor

Social Protection for the Poor and the Poorest - Concepts, Policies and Politics

Palgrave and Macmillan, 2008

BOOK edited by Armando Barrientos and David Hulme

The Colors of Poverty: Why Racial and Ethnic Disparities Persist

Russel Safe Foundation, August 2008

BOOK edited by Ann Chih Lin and David R. Harris

Poverty in Nigeria - Causes, Manifestations and Alleviation Strategies

Adonis & Abbey, May 2008

BOOK by Mustapha C. Duze, Habu Mohammed & Ibrahim A. Kiyawa


CROP News and Events

CROP-GRIP Newsletter 2019-2020

March 2020

This special issue newsletter is the final one for CROP and the first one for GRIP. It explains the transition process and provides an overview of CROP activities in 2019.

The Politics of Social Inclusion: From Knowledge to Action

15 November 2019 | UN Library, GENEVA

BOOK LAUNCH for forthcoming CROP/UNESCO publication (as part of UNRISD Seminar Series)

Putting Children First: New Frontiers in the Fight Against Child Poverty in Africa

18 October 2019 | Brighton, UK

BOOK LAUNCH and workshop at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) in Brighton, UK

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