No Poverty?

No Poverty?

BREAKFAST SEMINAR organised by CROP and co-hosted by the Bergen Resource Centre for International Development and the Centre on Law and Social Transformation

17 October 2018 (08:30-09:30) | Bergen Resource Centre for International Development

Sosina Bezu (CMI), Magnus Hatlebakk (CMI) and Alberto D. Cimadamore (CROP), in conversation with Aslaug Aarsæther (CROP), will discuss the achievements, shortfalls and challenges faced by the international community in its path towards the eradication of global poverty.

Breakfast Seminar 17 October (002)

IMG_6422 Sosina Alberto Magnus edited

Sosina Bezu, Alberto D. Cimadamore and Magus Hatlebakk at Bergen Resource Centre


Sosina Bezu is an economist focusing on jobs, entrepreneurship, land policy and youth. Her research includes impact assessment, rural livelihood diversifications, land policy reforms, youth migration and experimental economics.

Magnus Hatlebakk is an economist focusing on poverty, social exclusion and rural development. Hatlebakk's main line of research is on informal credit and labour markets in rural Nepal and India.

Alberto D. Cimadamore is a lawyer and a political scientist. His research and latest publications focus on the political economy of poverty, the international relations of poverty and development, and on the Sustainable Development Goals.


In December 1995, the General Assembly proclaimed the First United Nations Decade for the Eradication of Poverty (1997-2006) and sustained that “Eradicating poverty is an ethical, social, political and economic imperative of humankind." This year, a Third United Nations Decade for the Eradication of Poverty (2018–2027) was launched under the theme “Accelerating global actions for a world without poverty". Poverty eradication is also a top priority for the 193 governments that approved the the SDGs. A specific target of the United Nation's SDG #1 is to eradicate extreme poverty by 2030.


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