Production, Reproduction and Protection in the Welfare State

Production, Reproduction and Protection in the Welfare State

ACADEMIC PANEL co-sponsored by CROP at the annual meeting of the ISA Research Committee on Poverty, Social Welfare and Social Policy (RC19).

25-27 August 2011 | Seoul, Korea

Social policy aims to protect people from social contingencies, poverty and illness. In addition to this intrinsic goal, social policy has also been used as a tool of economic development. As a demographic transition takes place in most parts of the world, in many countries, there has been an increasing emphasis on the reproductive quality of social policy.

How do welfare states in different parts of the world draw on different aspects of social policy in the context of globalization? Will globalization inevitably lead to a reduction in social protection? Or, at the era of globalization, is there an alternative way in which social policy can be socially inclusive (e.g., in terms of class, gender and/or ethnicity) while conducive to economic growth?

The 2011 RC19 meeting brings together leading scholars in the field of comparative welfare state studies from different parts of the world and encompassing a wide range of disciplines, including sociology, social policy and political science, to discuss these questions. It is the first time that the RC19 annual meeting takes place in East Asia.

CROP is co-sponsoring a session at the workshop that will be organized by CROP Scientific Committee member Prof. Robert Deacon.



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