Development and Sustainability: The Challenge of Social Change

Development and Sustainability: The Challenge of Social Change

PUBLICATION: New book in the CROP International Studies in Poverty Research Series, published by Zed Books, London. Edited by Alberto Cimadamore, Gro Therese Lie, Maurice Mittelmark and Fungisai Gwanzura Ottemöller. OPEN ACCESS

15 March 2016


Development and Sustainability aims to connect development and the environmental sciences for a definite purpose: enhancing the wellbeing of people and their environment in places where severe poverty continues to hamper sustainable human development.

While the need for effective action toward a greener and socially inclusive economy has long been evident, health promotion in the context of sustainable development has faltered.

'As a climate scientist with an interest in global problems, I found this book highly stimulating. It provides insights into practicing sustainability science and transdisciplinary research that have made me even more interested to enter these new fields.'

Noel Keenlyside, University of Bergen and Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research

'Achieving the shared goals of the international community calls not just for finance and political commitment – important though they are, but for fundamentally new ideas. This collection convincingly makes the case that transdisciplinary approaches to sustainability offer a matrix for such ideas.'

John Crowley, UNESCO

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Chapter 1: Development and sustainability science: transdisciplinary knowledge for positive social change
Alberto D. Cimadamore, Fungisai P. Gwanzura Ottemöller, Gro Therese Lie and Maurice B. Mittelmark

Chapter 2: Seeking wisdom: a transdisciplinary perspective on Australian Indigenous practices and planetary management
Mark G. Edwards

Chapter 3: Policies for poverty reduction in a Transformative Green Economy
Enrique Delamonica

Chapter 4: Health promotion and sustainable Development in Kazakhstan
Altyn Aringazina

Chapter 5: Children's literacy in health and sustainability
Neil Chadborn and Jane Springett

Chapter 6: Participatory research as a tool for change in ecosystem approaches to health and social equity
Jane Springett

Chapter 7: Connecting development and sustainability: empowering people to effective international cooperation
Cristine Koehler Zanella

Chapter 8: Sustainability and transdisciplinary knowledge: experience gained and challenges ahead
Gro Therese Lie, Alberto D. Cimadamore, Maurice B. Mittelmark, and Fungisai P. Gwanzura Ottemöller


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