Alberto Minujin

Alberto Minujin

Professor in International Affairs / The New School, New York, USA

He serves as the Director of Equity For Children programme, as well as the International Summer Field Program (IFP) in Buenos Aires, Argentina and is an active member of the Latin American Observatory (OLA).

Since 2003, Prof. Minujin has coordinated several international conferences co-sponsored by GPIA and UNICEF. He is also a professor at Columbia University, New York, researching topics of children, human rights, poverty, and monitoring, evaluation and social research methods.

He was Deputy Director of the National Statistical Office of Argentina and professor of postgraduate studies of the School of Social Sciences, University of Buenos Aires and National University of Mendoza Argentina. He was researcher at the Population Section of the Institute of Social Research, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.

Until October 2005 Minujin was Senior Programme Officer at the Global Policy Section in the Division of Policy and Planning of UNICEF Head Quarters (New York). Since 2006, Minujin has provided consulting services to UNICEF Iran, Tanzania, Egypt, Ecuador, Mexico, Yemen, Argentina and New York, to UNICEF Regional Offices in East Asia and the Pacific, Latin American and the Caribbean, and participated in Middle East and North Africa RMT and to the Government of Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

His most recent consulting work was the report on “Equity for Children and Adolescents in the Middle East and North Africa: An Opportunity for Growth" (forthcoming) UNICEF MENA and “Child Poverty in East Asia and the Pacific: Shared Vision, Different Strategies. A Study of Seven Countries in the EAP Region" published by UNICEF EAPRO, 2011.

He is a mathematician with postgraduate studies in Applied Statistics and Demography with a special focus on topics related to social policy and children's rights. In 2010 Minujin was awarded the Bicentennial Medal from the Provincia de Buenos Aires of Argentina on the occasion of Argentina's 200th anniversary and in recognition of his contributions to the fields of child rights and social policy.

Prof. Minujin has published several books, numerous articles and papers. Author of two nonfiction best sellers; “The Middle Class: Seduced and Abandoned (2004)", and on future alternatives for Argentine society, “The Future: Where Argentina is Headed (2005)".


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