Fatima Alvarez-Castillo

Fatima Alvarez-Castillo

Centennial Professor of Politics / University of the Philippines, Manila, PHILIPPINES

Fatima Alvarez-Castillo is Centennial Professor of Politics at the University of the Philippines Manila and Holder of PEACE Professorial Chair (2011-12).

Her research interests include justice, gender, equity and government accountability, with a particular focus on the human rights of the marginalized and powerless.

She is currently a member of the Philippine Health Research Ethics Board and independent expert of the Institutional Review Board of the National Institutes for Health - University of Philippines, Manila. She is an expert reviewer of several international and national scholarly journals. She is also a partner investigator in a recently concluded multi-country study that seeks to develop gender sensitive indicators of poverty and inequity.

Her books include:

  • Oil and Gas Production in the Philippines: public interest issues, published by Bantay Kita/Action for Economic Reforms, Quezon City, 2012.
  • Gender and Health: an overview, Center for Gender and Women Studies, University of the Philippines Manila, 2001.
  • Community Leadership for Population and Reproductive Health: definitons, perceptions and Applications, published by  Health Futures Foundation with the University of the Philippines Manila and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 2008.

Other publications include:

  • Alvarez Castillo F. “Women and Social Research”, chapter in the International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Second Edition, Elsevier, in press.
  • Cook Lucas J and Fatima Alvarez Castillo. 2013. Fair for Women? A gender analysis of benefit sharing. In  Schroeder and Lucas (eds). 2013. Benefit Sharing: from biodiversity to human genetics. Springer.
  • Alvarez Castillo F and Ma Nadja A Castillo. 2010. Gender and traditional knowledge : seeing blind spots, redressing inequities for women. In Suneetha Subramanian and Balakhrishna Pisupati, eds.  Traditional Knowledge in Policy and Practice. UN University Press, pp 72-96
  • Alvarez Castillo F and Dafna Feinholz. 2006. Women in developing countries and benefit sharing. Developing World Bioethics international journal. V 6 (3) Blackwell Publishers. (Impact indicator: most cited article in the journal issue as of 2nd quarter of 2007)



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