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Social Policy, Poverty, and Inequality in Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union

Social Policy, Poverty, and Inequality in Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union

PUBLICATION: CROP book published by Ibidem Verlag, Stuttgart. Edited by Sofiya An, Tatiana Chubarova, Bob Deacon, Paul Stubbs. NOW OPEN ACCESS

September 2019


This book is output from an international workshop held in June 2017 in St. Petersburg and takes stock of the diverse and divergent welfare trajectories of post-socialist countries across central, eastern, and southeastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. It traces the impacts in terms of poverty, well-being, and inequality of over two decades of transformation, addressing both the legacy effects of socialist welfare systems and the installation of new social, political, and economic structures and, in many cases, new independent nation-states. Authors from different disciplines address key aspects of social protection including health care, poverty reduction measures, active labor market policies, pension systems, and child welfare systems.

The book can be ordered from Columbia University Press


Poverty, Inequality and Well-being in the Global East: Bringing the 'Social' back in
Paul Stubbs, Sofiya An and Tatiana Chubarova

Poverty Reduction through Social Protection and Labor Policies in the Former Soviet Union
Esuna Dugarova

Equality and Inequality in Social Scientific Studies in Russia, 2000-2015
Natalia Grigorieva

Inequality of Access to the Health System in Russia: The case of out-of-pocket payments
Tatiana Chubarova

The Hidden Reality of Day-to-Day Struggles of the Working Poor in Lithuania
Natalija Atas

IGOs' Strategic Frameworks and Poverty Alleviation in Macedonia
Maja Gerovska Mitev

Between Modern Design and Old Political Habits: The Kosovar pension system under threat
Igor Guardiancich

The Transformation of Child Welfare Institutions in Kazakhstan: Layering, hybridization and multiple institutional logistics
Sofiya An

The Impact of Women's Agency against Poverty in Russia
Ann-Mari S├Ątre

The Politics of Pension Reforms in Kazakhstan: Pressures for change and reform strategies
Elena Maltseva and Saltanat Janenova

Diverse Health Care Developments in the Post-Soviet Space: The role of national and international actors
Gulnaz Isabekova

Diversified Convergence: Uneven welfare trajectories in Central and Eastern Europe
Noemi Lendvai-Bainton

Reforming Welfare Assemblages in Semi-Peripheral Spaces: Understanding 'drivers of inertia' in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia
Paul Stubbs and Sinisa Srinscak


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