Child Poverty, Public Policies and Democracy

Child Poverty, Public Policies and Democracy

WORKSHOP (Deadline for abstracts - 7 October 2013) organised by CROP, in collaboration with Equity for Children/ Equidad para la Infancia, FLACSO (Mexico), IIJ-UNAM.

19-21 February 2014 | Mexico DF, Mexico

Workshop programme

CROP, in collaboration with Equity for Children/ Equidad para la Infancia, FLACSO (Mexico), IIJ-UNAM, is organizing an International Workshop on “Child Poverty, Public Policies and Democracy". The event aims to address, among other issues, some of these questions or topics: 

• How is child poverty produced and reproduced in Latin America and the Caribbean? How do stereotypes and social representations of child poverty develop?

• How are intra-urban inequalities produced and reproduced in increasingly urbanized regions? What is the impact of inequality and poverty on the development, quality of life and implementation of the rights of children?

• What policies have proven to be effective, or “best practices", in the eradication of child poverty and inequality in a comparative experience? How are empirical and theoretical evidence that explain current levels of child poverty and inequality interpreted in contemporary representative democracies? What are the implications and ideological positions underlying the empirical evidence that supports the current diagnosis? In what way do politics, children's participation and citizenship play important roles in democracies, leading to enhanced child rights and reduced inequalities?

• To what extent do national and international institutional legal frameworks such as CDN, CEDAW and ODM provide an effective response to the issues that affect children and teenagers? What concrete results are seen in terms of designing or financing policies to eliminate child poverty?

The goals of the workshop are threefold:

• To evaluate critically and comparatively the current knowledge and public policy that impact the reduction, prevention and/or eradication of child poverty and inequality;

• To distribute the contributions in English (CROP-Zed Book, London) and Spanish (FLACSO, Mexico) after a thorough process of peer review

• To consolidate the efforts of the “Work Group on Child Poverty and Welfare", jointly developed by CROP and Equidad para la Infancia.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: October 7th, 2013.

Please, see the Call for Papers for further details:

Call for papers_Pobreza_infantil_2014 (Spanish)

Call for papers_Child_Poverty_ 2014 (English)

Mex 2014- Selected abstracts

This event is supported by: IFE.


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